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We are Marina and Kostas, a couple of photographers brought together by our love for the art of photography. From the moment we discovered the magic of photography, we understood that each photograph is a gateway that opens into a whole world of sensations and emotions.

We believe that photography is much more than a mere capturing of moments. It is a way to capture the essence of existence and the beauty that surrounds our world. Through our lens, we seek to capture not only the image but also the feeling that accompanies it.

Wildlife photography is an area of photography that we are passionate about. Greece, with its rich biodiversity, offers us a rich palette of mammals and birds that captivate the eye and stimulate our senses.

As wildlife photographers, we delve into capturing wildlife, we enter a world where nature reigns and time has stood still. Through our lens, we capture the incredible diversity of wildlife, revealing the beauty and complexity of the nature that surrounds us. Wildlife photography is an art of dedication and patience, demanding the perfect moment, the right lighting, and a sense of composition.

With a careful approach, we strive to combine art with science, creating works that reveal the rich variety of natural ecosystems and the wondrous beauty of animals in their natural habitat.

Through wildlife photography, we aim not only to capture the beauty of nature but also to promote awareness for the protection of the environment and animals. Each photograph is a narrative tableau that draws us into the world of nature and inspires us to contribute to its protection.

With patience and dedication, we work to offer photographs that are recognized not only for their aesthetics but also for our dedication to nature conservation. We are proud that our photographs have been awarded and recognized at a national level, which encourages us to continue telling the story of nature through our lens.

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