We undertake to carry out the photo and video coverage of your marriage and vaptism as well. 

We take over the photo and video coverage of sporting events. This can include football, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, rowing and sailing events.

You can trust us for his photography and filming of your kid's party.

We cover the very special moment of your child's birth with photos with absolute discretion and sensitivity.

We will be happy to take the photos and videos with your favourite pet.

Call us to get the photos and the videos you need to advertise your own shop.


The united beginning of two individuals on a journey of life is a special moment that derives beauty from simplicity and hope. On this day, we create a collection of images that capture the authenticity and joy of your moment. With discretion and professionalism, we capture the details that make your day so unique, letting natural light and genuine emotions guide the process. Through our lens, we immortalize the joys, embraces, and moments of happiness that will remain unchanged over time, creating a precious archive of memories for you and your loved ones.


The baptism photograph constitutes a precious and unforgettable memory for every family, as it captures the significant moments and emotions that accompany this special day. From the baby's smile during the baptism to the moments of emotion and happiness shared by families and friends. The baptism photographer has the opportunity to capture the innocence and purity of the child, as well as the love and support surrounding it from its family and friends. Through the images, the photographer highlights the moments of happiness and the emotional charge of the day, creating a unique story that will be a keepsake for the next generations. Through the art of photography, the moments of baptism can come alive again and again, allowing the family to preserve these priceless moments for an entire lifetime. Indelible images that constitute a timeless chapter in family history and reflect the love passed from generation to generation.


In the lens's mirror, fashion acquires a new dimension, a vibrant narrative of the dance of fabrics and designs. Fashion photography is not merely the documentation of garments; it is a beautiful evolution of art that captures elegance and style through the bright lens. Each photograph is a work of art, an effort to highlight not only the clothes but also the atmosphere and aesthetics that surround them. The fashion photographer manages to capture the moment when the expressiveness of fashion meets the art of photography.


Photography is a powerful medium for capturing the moments and emotions that emerge during events. At a party, it portrays the dance, laughter, and embraces, leaving an indelible impression of the happiness and ecstatic mood that dominate the atmosphere. During a theatrical performance, photography captures the moments of action, highlighting the intensity of emotions and the harmony of the theatrical execution. Additionally, event photography allows us to share our experiences with friends and family, creating a timeless connection between us and our loved ones. At children's parties, photography captures the joy and innocence of children as they enjoy their activities. It records their childhood smiles, their figures in dance, and the pure joy reflected on their faces, creating indelible imprints of childhood innocence."


Ηotel photography unveils the intricate beauty and absolute hospitality hidden behind each door. With every click of the lens, a gem is revealed that combines luxury, design, and an unparalleled hospitality experience. Hotel photographers capture the spirit of each accommodation, offering viewers a tour through refined rooms, culinary options, and panoramic landscapes that characterize each place of stay. In every photograph, the hotel's atmosphere comes to life vividly. The choice of colors, lighting, and spatial arrangement tells a story waiting to be discovered by guests. Every detail, from the fruit basket on the bed to the most sophisticated decoration, contributes to capturing an experience that goes beyond a simple journey. Through hotel photography, the desire to travel is enhanced with each image. It is an invitation to explore the world through the eyes of photographs, to feel the luxury and warmth of spaces that shape our memories.


The photography of newborns constitutes a beautiful and significant practice that embraces the magic of new life. Beyond its aesthetics, newborn photography holds a deeper meaning and emotional value that touches our hearts. Essentially, this photography captures the uniqueness and innocent beauty of newborns. It is a way to eternalize this first phase of their lives, which passes so quickly and seems to transcend the dimensions of time. Beyond its aesthetic value, newborn photography keeps memories alive and preserves moments we want to cherish forever. It is a way to capture that innocent beauty, the absolute innocence, and the unexplained joy that a new life brings into the world. But beyond surface beauty, newborn photography brings people together. It is a way to share joy and happiness with our loved ones and to create memories that will accompany us forever. Lastly, newborn photography helps us remember the importance of life and family. In a world dominated by speed, stress, and technology, these photos remind us of the simplicity, love, and true joy found in the presence of our loved ones. Overall, newborn photography is much more than just a simple click of the camera. It is proof of love, beauty, and the value of life that surrounds us and gives us moments worth remembering forever.


A particularly enchanting and emotionally charged field is photographing pets alongside their devoted owners. Each photograph captures the unique bond between humans and their pets, depicting the warmth, love, and mutual trust that unites them. Moments of play, embrace, and shared tranquility are encapsulated in every click of the camera. These photos are not mere snapshots but monuments in our lives that are worth revisiting and remembering. Through the lens, the dedication of animals emerges in a distinct way, making each frame a canvas that tells a unique story. Beyond the aesthetic of art, photographing pets with their owners offers an opportunity for reflection and a search for the soul. In every attending expression, in every movement of the pet, an indelible moment is recorded that prompts us to pause and contemplate the essence of happiness. Therefore, pet photography is much more than a mere technique. It is the expression of emotions, the exchange of energy between two souls in perfect harmony. And as time passes, these photos become reference points that document the eternal love we share with our beloved pets.

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